Annual Discounted Emergency Cal-Ore Life Flight Air Ambulance Membership

Offer Valid: 06/13/2023 - 12/31/2024
Fortuna Chamber of Commerce Member Hot - Annual Discounted Cal-Ore Life Flight Membership Rate Offered

Benefits of a Cal-Ore Life Flight Emergency Air Ambulance Membership - Annual Discounted Rate offered to Fortuna Chamber of Commerce Members

  • A decade ago, only 55% of health benefit plans had a deductible. Today, 81% of them have some type of deductible and more than 24% of those are high-deductible plans. According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, families with high-deductible plans pay an average of $4,332 out of pocket for each air medical transport. 
  • Over the last five years, the average annual deductible among covered employees with a deductible has increased 36% and 100% over the last ten years, per the Kaiser Family Foundation – 2019 Employer Health Benefits Survey.
  • Over 75% of the approximately 125,000 transports made each year by AMCN providers are Medicare, self-pay, or insurance paid, so eliminating membership would result in over 93,000 of our patients not having the choice to pre-pay any potential out-of-pocket financial exposure.
An annual Discounted Rate offered:
    $79/including everyone residing with a residence covers members' deductibles, insurance co-pays and any other balances owed - members transport is covered 100%

Call me today to enroll Jennifer Hart 530-510-2915 - Group Coupon Code required to receive annual discount. 

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